Kodi is a great media player and media center for a range of devices. But, what makes Kodi even better is its ability to support various add-ons. Using the same features and looking at the same interface could get boring over time. But, with the add-ons and builds you can add much more to Kodi. In this article we will learn the Ares Wizard installation.

05/06/2020 Even though Ares Wizard was mainly known for its awesome builds, it was also popular for the amazing maintenance features it has. Read: 20 Best Kodi Builds Of 2019 The maintenance capability of Ares Wizard allows you do all your common maintenance tasks, such as clear cache and purge thumbnails, all using one interface. Ares Wizard Alternatives. If you find Ares Wizard is not functioning to your needs, there are alternatives. Many of these alternatives provide the same tools & features as the Ares Wizard. However, some will also provide you with builds, addons, and much more that the Ares Wizard doesn’t provide. 22/10/2017 16/01/2020 Install Kodi Builds Using Ares Wizard. August 25, 2017. 42 Comments 71.3 k Views 0. In this example I will show you the Ares build itself, however, this applies to any build listed on the Ares Wizard. There are over 300 individual build authors listed with over 400 builds. I lost count to be honest, but there are LOTS! The builds are listed in download order. This should give you an idea of In the next input box, type in ARES (or whatever name you like) > Click OK. Go back to the Main Screen > Systems > Addons > Install From Zip File > ARES(whatever you named it to. Select Script.areswizard.0.0.45.zip. Back to the Main screen > Program > Select Ares Wizard

In terms of functionality, this wizard has it all. Tasks you can perform using Ares include installing builds and addons.

05/06/2020 · The Ares repository, along with all of its Kodi add-ons, builds, and wizard, shut down amid accusations of piracy and consorting with, aiding and abetting pirates. The maintenance tools available kept it from staying out of circulation for long, though. Area Wizard has been a great Kodi Build which was unfortunately discontinued because of some legal issues. However, the Build is continued again. However, the Build is continued again. There are no mighty modifications in the updated version, but we found it quite compatible with the updated Kodi Leia. The builds are listed in download order. This should give you an idea of popularity, but don’t let that sway you too much. There are lots of builds further down that are very good. If you dont have the Ares Wizard installed, you need to follow – Install Ares Wizard the return to this guide to install your chosen build. 03/08/2017 · The ares wizard works on all Kodi installations, it also works perfectly on Android devices such as the Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Firestick. Please note! Kodi Builds and Kodi Add-ons are streaming content illegally. You’re the one responsible on what you watch. Because all Internet Providers are monitoring us, we recommend you use a VPN.


We shall discuss Ares Wizard Kodi and its installation but many critique unofficial addons bring a bad name to the free media player, ruining its reputation. To be precise, third-party Kodi addons are the ones which are mostly used for streaming illegal content, so these are part of the Kodi community but Kodi takes no guarantee of the content being available on third-party addons. We’ve always had our Config Wizard available for users who are looking to configure all the best Kodi addons and tweaks in one click. This feature within our Indigo tool gives you the ability to instantly configure Kodi without any effort at all. The Config Wizard is a Kodi build for those of you who want all of the best, without having to install and test each Kodi addon one by one.